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P.D.C.'s main strength lies in its technical expertise in all phases of product design and manufacturing - from concept idea to paper design to fabrication to finished products. We have the unique advantage of understanding every phase of a given project and how each may affect the other. 

Our goal is to help our customers get their products out faster and better. In today's world, speed is essential, but so is getting the job done right the first time - "time to market". We have dedicated ourselves to provide first rate quality, customer service and on-time deliveries. Please call us, we will show you how our solution can help you!

We have Designed, developed, and Produced dozens of Computer, and Electronic products/systems. Specializing in Hardware, Embedded and PC Applications, Video Applications, Telecommunications, Real-Time Control/Measurement/Automation, Signal Conditioning.

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Here is a list of some of the projects we have worked on:

  • Analog data conditioning and restoration systems for long range data transmission over CAT5

  • Power-over-ethernet

  • Fiber Optic high bandwidth long range Transmission System

  • Laser Detection Systems

  • Radio Controlled RF remote control alarm system for smoke and fire alarm

  • RF controlled fire suppression control

  • Multi-channel camcorder/camera alarm and power system for department stores

  • Hi-speed Video A/D Conversion & Processing, Storage, Compression, and D/A reconstruction

  • PC video and keyboard/mouse sharing

  • PC video and keyboard/mouse matrix switching products

  • Worked with a major telecom company on Voice-Over-IP Router Design and a Universal Radio Controller for Cell Phone Towers

  • Low power Measurement and Control Systems, A/D, D/A, I/O, solar-powered for harsh environments

  • FPGA-FPLD designs - complex high speed designs with SDRAM control and PCI bus interface

  • Battery powered ultra low power monitoring and control systems

  • Data Acquisition system for monitoring Railroad Cars (vibration, shock, temperature, etc.)

  • Solar powered systems with data transmission via Radio & Satellite links

  • Monitoring of oil tanks and trucks for the petroleum industry

  • High Speed RGB Video Processing, Transmission, Switching and Routing

  • High Speed Video digitizer PCI card

  • DSP compression PCI card

  • Modular 8 Channel high resolution video capture and compression system

  • PCI plug-in master card and custom backplane for modular A/D system

  • High Speed Analog Video Transmission over Twisted Cable with Cable Equalization

  • PC video keyboard/mouse extenders for very long distances

  • PC Keyboard and Mouse Emulation and Switching Techniques

  • Various automated test jigs

  • Schematic and PCB Layout from simple two layer, to intricate high-speed multi-layer surface mount designs

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